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Google Now Migrating Sites to Mobile First Indexing

October 9, 2018

Google Now Migrating Sites to Mobile First IndexingAfter almost two years of testing, Google has announced that it has implemented “Mobile First Indexing.” The search engine has stated that since almost two-thirds of all searches are now being made via a mobile device, it is critical that search results show mobile-friendly sites first in the results.

Websites for computers and those viewed in a mobile device like a phone or tablet are seen in two completely different manners. Mobile site design must take into account screen size and capabilities, so it will always look and react differently than a site created for a laptop. Most sites have already gone to mobile-friendly websites or have created an app for their site so that mobile users can access their site without issue.

Google Indexing

When Google sends out crawlers to search for information, they will now target mobile sites first. Sites that are mobile friendly will receive higher priority on search results. Mobile sites with the proper SEO will rank even higher.

What this means for site owners is that if they wish to be found easily when a search is conducted for their product or service, they need to have a website that is mobile friendly and created using the most updated version of search engine optimization methods.

The Keywords in This Are “Mobile First”

It is very important to understand that Google is not creating a separate search engine or second set of results for mobile-friendly sites. The search engine is giving preference to sites with mobile-friendly features above sites who operate for computers only. There will continue to only be one Google search engine.

With this in mind, it is important to take the necessary steps to make your site search engine friendly by ensuring that it is mobile compatible.

If your site is already mobile compatible, the next step you will need to take is to make sure that it is also optimized for top performance. Google has stated that they will check load speeds, graphics loading, and compatibility and other features to see if they are optimized for easy use. Google has research showing that if a site takes too long to open or does not open with all functions working on a mobile device, the viewer will quickly move on.

This new system is now in place. It is not a “coming soon” or a “potential change.” Google has implemented the Mobile First Indexing System and site owners must react to make sure that their sites can be found by potential customers.

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