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Google Ads In-Audience Display Campaigns

November 13, 2018

Google Ads In-Audience Display CampaignsConverting visits to your site into actual sales is the goal of every website owner. There are countless ways of driving traffic to your site, but not all of them are effective. When it comes to a very specialized industry like homebuilding, you will want to target specific visitors for your site.

One of the best ways that you can achieve this goal is through in-audience display campaigns. This is a very targeted advertising method offered by Google that promotes your site to people specifically seeking homes in your area.

Using algorithms that chart what people are searching for on Google and what videos they watch on YouTube, Google can select a specific audience to show your advertisements to for a higher quality visit. Visitors who are actively searching for information on houses in your area will be shown your ads to encourage them to visit your site. Since these visitors are already actively seeking information on new homes in that area, the conversion rate for them making a purchase is much higher than by someone who found your site in a simple organic search.

An additional way that you can drive specific traffic to your site is through geofencing. Geofencing will broadcast your advertisements to anyone within the designated fence area. People driving through one of your neighborhoods will receive information about your site and service with the geofencing you have established. You can even broadcast the fence around one of your older neighborhoods so that visitors can see what new homes and neighborhoods you are currently offering.

We have found that these two methods are highly effective for the homebuilding industry. By specifically targeting people that are actively seeking homes, the conversion rate of visits to purchases significantly increases.

We recommend that builders consider applying at least $300-$500 of their monthly advertising budget for their website to this type of advertising. The return on investment for this advertising method makes it well worth the cost.

We encourage all of our clients to seriously consider this effective method of advertising. The most important thing about having a website is generating sales. You must be able to encourage people to visit your site to view your products. To make a sale, however, you must drive the right people to your site. Highly targeted advertising like in-audience ads is the right way to get the right people to your website.

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