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Getting Started with a Social Media Posting Schedule

February 28, 2017

Social media is one of those things that you know you SHOULD have–but it seems like such a chore. As someone who is on a LOT of social media channels, I can understand where you’re coming from. It does get overwhelming from time to time, and I do it for my business! I often tell clients who are unsure about social media that they don’t have to jump in all at once. Rather, they should get their feet wet using one or two platforms that they think they’d be interested in long-term. If the platform doesn’t work out, try another one.

Another thing I tell people who are looking to get started with social media is that it always works best when you have a plan. So many people go into social media with the idea that they’ll pop in here or there, posting once or twice a week. However, I’ve seen this method fail again and again. While someone’s intentions are good with this pathway, their planning and execution fall short causing them to fumble. After a while, they start to think that maybe social media just isn’t for them–and they go back to not updating it at all.

If the above sounds like you, I have some good news. Below, I’m going to outline an incredibly simple posting schedule that you can follow. Using it, you can create an Excel doc and lay out all of your posts for the coming week, month, or even quarter. With a little planning in place, and some fresh ideas to get your imagination running, there will be no stopping you–and no limits to how much you’ll grow your social following!

Sunday’s Theme: Open House

Have a house that has been on the market a little too long? Use social media on Sunday to post about any open house events you’re having. Post photos of the home, write a short description to your target buyer, and invite people to stop by.

Monday’s Theme: Humor

Everyone likes a little personality infused into a business. Share a comic, post a funny image from a house that you currently have up for sale, or post a meme related to your line of business.

Tuesday’s Theme: Tuesday Treasure

Do you have an older house in your portfolio? Maybe a home that continues to be overlooked, though you’re no sure why? Tuesday’s Treasure is the perfect way to share photos, talk up the great features of the home, and find new homebuyers.

Wednesday’s Theme: Interaction

Not everyone follows social media channels to be talked to. Sometimes, they want to tell you what they think instead. Use Wednesday to post a question to customers or to gain insights about what your customers are interested in. Share a photo and ask them to caption it or even offer a link to a survey about your company.

Thursday’s Theme: Current News

What is happening in your industry? What are some of the emerging trends you would like your homebuyers to know? Share links to information or even to your own blog discussing up-to-the-minute topics.

Friday’s Theme: Freebie Friday

Use Friday to give back to your followers. You can offer up a free tip about the home buying process or give something away for free like a gift card. Remind your followers that you’re in this for them.

Saturday’s Theme: Education

There are so many interesting aspects of the home buying process. What is more, most people don’t understand the process until they’re been through it a few times. Use Saturday’s to educate homebuyers about real estate. Answer basic questions like how they can qualify for a loan, what their credit score should look like, what they can expect from an appraisal, and much more.

I hope the above theme prove to be useful starting points for your business. If you need more insights into how social media can help your business grow, be sure to contact the experts at Meredith Communications or look for my new book, FANtastic Selling–coming soon to Amazon!

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