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#FanFactor Friday – The Fan Experience

June 29, 2012

Written by Meredith Oliver

A few days ago I presented “The Fan Factor” at the Pacific Coast Builders Show, Professional Women in Building Luncheon in San Francisco, CA. In my keynote, I explain what rock stars, politicians, major sport stars, and your business have in common. You should all have loyal, passionate fans! If you are still wondering how to create and engage such a fan base, you can download my book and take a few pointers from The San Francisco Giants, a major league baseball team in California.

The SF Giants have mastered the art of creating a fan experience. Their stadium is the most photographed and shared on Instagram and their social media networks are constantly abuzz with fan engagement and interactions. Their Director of Social Media Bryan Srabian recently talked with Revolution about the success of the baseball team’s social media campaigns. You can watch the video here.

How can you create a similar social media success with your own fans? Create a worthy fan experience of your own with these 6 tips. Share your own ideas or tips with me on Facebook. How has an interactive fan experience changed the way your company or brand engages with your online fans?

1. Keep your content fun. The San Francisco Giants keep their social content fun and interactive. They run social campaigns about voting for your favorite player, live auctions of goodies the players’ wives make to generate money for the team and charity, and encourage play by play action of each game. How can you keep your fans interested in your content by making it more fun to interact and engage with your brand?

2. Connect in real time. The San Francisco Giants also constantly connect with their online community and fan base in real time. They encourage the social sharing of pictures, videos, tweets, Facebook updates, and more.  They share play by plays of the game and what is going on in the players’ lives. Want to connect with your own fans in real time? Tweet about your live events as they happen and share your own photos, videos, etc. pre and post event.

3. Create shareable moments by listening to your fans. Know your audience. Why are they posting about your company or brand? What about your company or brand makes them want to share pictures, updates, etc. with their social networks. Once you know why they are posting, you can create more of those post-able moments and encourage more social sharing amongst your fans.

4. Show your passion. The passion and enthusiasm you have for your company, brand, and fans is contagious. If you love what you do, other people will too. Make your posts, updates, and content exciting. Let that passion shine through.

5. Rally the community through live experiences. The San Francisco Giants know that nothing brings a community together like a live baseball game. No online experience can compare to actually watching the game in person at the stadium. Host a live event of your own to draw your fans from the virtual world to the real world. Create the same buzz and excitement for your own brand.

6. Go beyond the hashtag. It’s easy to create a slogan for Twitter and update your Facebook status. But to really encourage interaction with your fans, you have to follow-up and engage with them. RT their updates, comment on their updates, thank them for their support. Go the extra mile for your fans and they will go the extra mile for you.


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