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#FanFactor Friday – Keep It Fresh

October 12, 2012


Written by Meredith Oliver

Your online content has an expiration date! To keep your fans engaged with you online, you need to constantly update your online content. With a regular stream of new thoughts, ideas, and helpful information, your fans will keep returning to your website, blog, and social media networks to learn more and interact with your brand.

If the thought of posting something new everyday seems a bit over whelming, read CEO of Trackur Andy Beal’s article on the American Express Open Forum titled “The 4-Hour Social Media Workweek.” He talks about the challenges of fitting social networking into an already over-scheduled workweek. If you follow the 4-hour schedule during your workweek, you can successfully connect with your fans throughout the workday.

Here are 4 tips to help you avoid stale content. Share your tips, ideas, and comments with me on Facebook.

1. Use social media networking tools like Hootsuite to help you stay organized. You can schedule new content posts for all of your social networks without having to log into each account. Hootsuite gathers all of your information into one space so you can log in once, schedule your updates, and move on to other tasks.

2. Post a blend of valuable information, including purely fun content meant to entertain, social information that connects fans together, news items to inform, and community/local area information to connect your brand to a bigger purpose. The key is to think like a journalist. Much of this content exists everywhere around you. Thinking like a journalist means actively looking for content ideas in your daily work and seizing the moment to snap a quick picture, record a video, send a tweet, or update the company status.

3. Coordinate content so it all works together to subtly promote your brand. Map out an editorial schedule of your blog posts so you can plan a content theme and create a series of posts on a particular topic.

4. Creating your own social media and content posts that are done in real time means you’ll come across as more authentic to your fans. However, you can effectively outsource website updates, blogging, and email marketing.



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