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#FanFactor Friday – Humor Me

October 19, 2012


Written by Meredith Oliver

Ever notice that funny social media posts tend to go viral? Are you familiar with funny memes like Dog-Shaming or the recent “Binder Full of Women?” Everyone loves a good laugh these days, so use humor to engage and connect with your online fan base. Even if you are not the office comedian, you can still use pictures, puns, and witticisms to engage your brand’s fans. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you craft your next social media updates. Share your favorite brand humor with me on Facebook!

1. Know your demographic and your audience. Humor is difficult to master, especially if you do not know your audience. Different demographics find humor in different things. While some people might find the latest Facebook App encouraging you test for breast cancer funny, other people might find it offensive. You want to be careful not to take a joke too far or out of context. So know your audience before you post humor related social media updates.

2. Clever puns never go out of style. Most puns are clever without becoming offensive. Word play is generally something almost everyone can relate to in most situations. If you are struggling with humorous brand updates, gather some employees together and bounce a few ideas around until you find something with a little pun-ch.

3. Humor is contagious. If you hear a funny joke or a clever line, you want to share it with your friends. If someone has the giggles, it’s not long before the whole room is laughing. Stand-up comics love a packed room of energetic people because humor is contagious. If you want to connect with your fans and encourage them to share information about your brand, give them something funny to share.

4. Know your memes. Internet meme’s are a great way to keep a pulse on the social world.  If you are struggling to come up with a clever pun or humorous post, create your own version of a popular internet meme. Visit the Know Your Meme website to learn about the origins of the meme, why it’s funny, and create your own version. Encourage your fans to do the same. It might produce some very funny engagement.


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