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#FanFactor Friday – Engaging Facebook Updates

July 27, 2012

Written by Meredith Oliver

You are on Facebook. Your fans are on Facebook. Pretty much everyone is on Facebook browsing status updates, pictures, and videos of their friends, family, and favorite bands or brands. So how do you actually encourage fans to engage with your Facebook page? How do you entice them to “Like” your page and updates? How do you inspire shares and comments? To build your fan base and your social engagement, try these 5 simple tips to make your page more appealing.

1. Use of a variety of post options on your Facebook page. You have the option to post text, photos, links, and videos. Use all of your options. Use more than one at a time. Keep your page current and active with a series of pictures and text or text on pictures. Different fans will interact with different types of posts. If you vary your post types, you will encourage more fans to interact with your page.

2. Post interactive pictures. Either you or your graphic designer can help you design pictures for you Facebook and other social media networks. Take pictures and add text to ask a question about the picture or add an amusing comment.  For example, Fanta recently posted a picture of a swimming pool with overlaying text asking the question “Cannonball or Dive?” Many fans wrote a response to the picture with what they would do. What pictures of your brand, product, lifestyle, can you make interactive on Facebook?

3. Ask a question. Questions openly invite participation. Remember to keep your questions simple, but open ended for the best response from fans. A simple yes or no question might not encourage as much participation as Disney’s recent question, “If I could spend a day with any Disney character, I would choose ___.” Fill in the blank questions generally encourage the most responses as long as your fans do not have to think too much about their answer. Remember, fans are scanning their newsfeed for something interesting to catch their eye. What is something interesting your brand could ask to capture that interest?

4. Try a bit of trivia. Ask your fans to answer something fun or little known about your brand, products, or services. Offer a prize or incentive for the first correct answer. Trivia nights and games are very popular these days. Try encouraging fan participation with interesting trivia about your company.

5. Use simple and iconic graphics in your posts. Use your logo graphics or other iconic symbols to encourage fans to interact with your posts. The Boston Red Sox recently posted a graphic of two Facebook “Like” hands (the hand symbolizing a Like on Facebook). One hand was red and positioned as a thumbs up with the Red Sox logo inside. The second hand was pointing thumbs down in blue with the Yankees logo. This inspired many fans to “Like” the graphic and comment about the rivalry and upcoming game. How can your company use your branding to encourage social sharing on your page?


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