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#FanFactor Friday – Engage Holiday Fans

November 16, 2012

The holiday shopping craze is about to begin. In 2011, Cyber Monday shopping exceeded the sales of Black Friday shopping. Are you gearing up at your company to promote your brand to consumers searching the web for the perfect gifts? Use these easy tips to help boost your holiday sales during this busy time of year. Share your tips and ideas for engaging with your brand’s holiday fans on Facebook.

1. Make social engagement and sharing easy for your fans. Cross promote your website and other social networks across all of your social platforms. Add “like” or “share” buttons to your products or services pages so your fans can share items that they like or want with friends and family on their social networks. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate on the go. The more ways your fans can interact with you quickly, the more likely they are to share your information and continue to visit your websites and networks.

2. Get into the holiday spirit. Post holiday related trivia or content on your social networks. Add seasonal pictures to your website and networks. The holidays are about nostalgia and giving, so offer holiday freebies to your fans. Show your generous and fun-loving side in honor of the upcoming holidays. The more you can encourage fans to engage with your brand, the more likely they are to keep you top of mind for friends and family gifts.

3. Highlight seasonal products, services, specials, etc. Use targeted holiday specific specials for your fans. Post content on your website and social networks demonstrating how your product would work well as a gift this season and encourage your fans to choose your products or services as gifts. Everyone is looking for the perfect gift, so make it easy for your fans to choose you.

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