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#Fan Factor Friday – FOMO

June 1, 2012

Have you ever browsed your Facebook Newsfeed or Twitter updates and felt like your friends or family are doing something more exciting than you? Are you jealous of your friends when they post pictures of vacations and favorite dining experiences on Instagram? You aren’t alone. This feeling of anxiety stems from a “Fear of Missing Out” or “FOMO.”  For a better understanding of FOMO, watch this YouTube video by Powermat advertising their Backup Battery, demonstrating that a narrow glimpse into each other’s lives can sometimes look more exciting than our own.

Many of your fans suffer from FOMO every day. How can your brand alleviate your fans’ FOMO anxieties?  How can FOMO motivate your fans to engaged with your brand? Share your best tips or ideas with me on Facebook. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you explore how your fans deal with their own FOMO.

1. FOMO is solely dependent on social sharing. Updates on social media networks drive FOMO, so encourage your fans to share constantly.  If fans use your brand, products, or services to share their experiences online through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. they never have to miss out on social updates.

2. FOMO is the digital version of “Keeping up with the Joneses.” How can your brand, products, or services top your competitors and inspire FOMO in the friends or followers of your fans? No one wants to be left out. Everyone wants to feel like they have the best deal, experience, etc.

3. Today, everyone else’s life happens in real time. Your fans don’t have to wait for a phone call, lunch date, etc. to see pictures of their friends having fun without them. Through social media networks, they can experience real-time updates of what is going on around the world. If possible, inspire your own FOMO moments, like the TimeRAZOR app for Android and Apple products. If exacerbating FOMO does not fit your brand experience, assure your fans that they are really not missing out on anything at all. Show them how your product, brand or service will create more meaningful experiences of their own.

Do you suffer from FOMO like your fans? Share your FOMO experiences in the comments below or on my Facebook page. You wouldn’t want to miss out!


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