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How to Engage Real Estate Buyers with Snapchat

August 3, 2016

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Are you familiar with Snapchat? It’s a video messaging app for iPhone and Android that allows you to take photos and videos, add text and drawings to them, and then send them to your followers as “snaps.” Users set a time limit of one to 10 seconds for the snaps to be viewed by their contacts. After that, the image or video disappears.

Why Use Snapchat if the Images aren’t Permanent?

The reason why Snapchat is worth your time as a real estate agent is that for a few seconds, you will have your followers’ undivided attention. And that attention can be the key to establishing rapport with prospects, so when they are ready to buy or sell a home, they will think of you first!

Because Snapchat is still fairly new, you have an opportunity to separate yourself from other real estate agents who have not embraced this unique marketing tool yet. Since real estate is visual, it’s tailor-made for Snapchat.

How to Use Snapchat for Real Estate Marketing

One of the best ways to use Snapchat is to record brief videos when you’re previewing a home. If one of your listings has a great view of the city, you can record a snap to let your followers see what the view looks like in person. You can also record snaps of other cool spots in the community, as well as snaps of unique features that your listings have in order to show them off. The goal of your clips is to engage your viewer and make them want to see more.

When you’re recording these snaps, don’t worry about being polished. It’s ok to be yourself, and make a few mistakes along the way. Snapchat will help make your buyers feel connected to you and the home searching process.

Learn How Snapchat Works

Learning a new social network takes time, so be patient. View some YouTube videos on how to use Snapchat so you can get familiar with it before you create an account and start taking snaps. Follow marketing leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk to see how they’re using the platform.

Snapchat is popular with millennials and women, so it’s a terrific way to get in front of those audiences. Remember, success won’t happen overnight. It will take time to grow a following and then direct those followers back to your website and other social media channels. But the potential benefits to your real estate business are huge, if you’re willing to take the plunge.

Do you plan to use Snapchat as a marketing tool? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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