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Drive More Traffic By Adding Good, Relevant Tags

October 16, 2008

Written by Meredith Oliver

Add Tags to those posts to Reach Top Search Engine Rankings
TOP SECRET – MC Competitors, Don’t Read!

Drive more traffic by adding good, RELEVANT Tags

Two weeks ago I started Meredith Communications’ free WordPress blog account. Added 3 articles to the account on a Tuesday evening and by the next day, the WordPress account not only got indexed by Google, but it came up in the #1 position in Google for a specific keyword phrase that our own website hasn’t yet attained and better yet, the WordPress blog ranked higher than our competitors! Incredible, right? It’s all about the TAGS!

Achieving top search engine results hasn’t been unique for us. Many of our clients who engage us in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization have experienced the very similar results. How can you achieve top results? Keep reading…

What are “Tags?”

Wikipedia calls “tags” as “a non-hierarchical keyword or term assigned to a piece of information” that will “describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching.”Put in layman’s terms, tags are words that describe the topic about which you wrote.

Where do you put these “Tags?”

Below each of your blog posts, there is a box (field) that lets you write as many keywords and keyword phrases that you want…you just separate keywords or phrases by commas! Here’s what it looks like on WordPress:

How does Blogging and Tagging Drive Traffic?

The higher your blogs are up on search engines for those keywords you are looking for (like “new homes Orlando”), your competitors sites get “pushed down” because your blog is taking their former positions! When people read your blogs, they can click on the links you’ve embedded into your website that will lead them right back to your website.

Get Started Now!

Try creating your own FREE blog on WordPress. These blogs don’t have to be long, just write about your different models, your community, your city…be sure to include a link back to your website to drive the traffic to your website!

Have Questions? Contact Debbie Morris at 321-285-1660 x 4 or email me at or visit Meredith Communications website for more Search Engine Optimization tips and tools.

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