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    Don’t Get Bored—Get Marketing!

    March 12, 2019

    There’s a trap at work you’ve probably fallen into before: “I don’t have anything to do.” That’s usually about the time you check out your social media feed or drift off into a daydream. But what if I told you that the minutes and hours you spend wasting time could be put to much better use? Below are three ways you can use marketing to your advantage the next time you feel like there’s nothing to work on.

    1. Create something. Marketing is all about the content you create. From blogs to videos to tweets, creating something that relates to your business will help to move your business forward. By regularly putting new information out to existing and potential customers, you remind them of who you are, what you do, and that you’re there to help them whenever they may need you. If you’re able to do this even once a week, you have the potential to grow your content pool by 52 pieces in a single year. And that’s a lot of searchable materials!
    2. Network. We can feel stagnant sitting at a desk all day. When the only people we meet are the people walking through our front door. So don’t wait around for the business to come to you. Instead, dedicate empty space in your day to networking. Attend local talks and conferences. Search LinkedIn for leaders in your industry that you can connect with. Check in with existing clients or write them a short card thanking them again for their business. Every connection you make and nurture has the potential to provide value to your work and your life.
    3. Study Your Analytics. Numbers are everywhere these days. And from how well your social media is performing to how many people have seen your Google ad, these numbers can tell you quite a bit about your audience—and your customers. What content is performing well? What keywords are the most popular in your ad groups? What channels are sending you the most traffic? What pages of your site see the most bounces? All of this information is valuable and yet, we tend to race through our analytics month to month looking for something very specific before X-ing out. I encourage you to really study them.

    Some weeks, it can be tough to fill an eight-hour workday. We’ve all been there! But knowing where to direct your time in a way that will benefit and grow your business is an excellent tool to have.

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