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Social Media

5 Tips for Integrating Social Media into Your Website

  Written by Meredith Oliver If you’re using social media to promote your products or services, it’s important that those channels work seamlessly with your website. Here are a few tips to ensure your business website and social networking platforms...

Small Business Marketing

7 Google Tools to Boost Your Marketing Results

  Written by Meredith Oliver Most people think of Google as “just” a search engine.  But the company has several different products that can help companies promote their products and services. Here are 7 Google tools to enhance your marketing:...

Social Media

Top Tools for Social Media Management

  Written by Meredith Oliver Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are effective tools for salespeople to use to stay in touch with current clients and to approach new prospects. But it does take time to post, monitor and conduct conversations. Here...

Meredith Communications News

Super Sales Rally 2012

Meredith Oliver, of Creating WOW Communications, an Internet sales and marketing company, is excited to announce that she is participating in the National Sales and Marketing Council’s Super Bowl Sales Rally with a new seminar, “Back in the Black 2012.” This new...

Meredith Communications News

Meredith’s New Book, “The Fan Factor” Available Soon

Written by Meredith Oliver Meredith Oliver, the founder and president of Creating WOW Communications, a web-based marketing and sales training company, announces the launch of her latest book, “The Fan Factor: 20 Slam Dunk Secrets to Engage Your Online Audience.”...

Meredith Communications News

Creating WOW Communications Launches 5 New Websites

Written by Meredith Oliver Creating WOW Communications is keen to announce the launch of 5 new home builder websites. New home builders in both the United States and Canada are eager to utilize Creating WOW Communications’ years of experience in...

Small Business Marketing

7 Ways Your Sales Team Can Use Quora

  Written by Meredith Oliver Quora made a big splash in the first quarter of 2011 as the online Q&A service’s popularity soared.  While growth has slowed since then, the company recently hired a former Twitter and Facebook techie to...

Social Media

How to Use Google+ Business Pages for Reputation Management

  Written by Meredith Oliver Many small business owners wonder if it’s worth their while to create a Google+ business page, especially if they already have a Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter account. While it may seem like more work to...



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Content Marketing

5 Stats That’ll Help You Build and Implement Successful Email Marketing Campaigns in 2020

Chances are that email marketing is a big part of your marketing strategy. Or if it isn’t—it should be! And because email marketing takes a LOT of time and energy to create it’s imperative that you take time to evaluate...

Content Marketing

How Evaluating The Super Bowl Commercials Can Help Make Your Marketing FANtastic!

You’ve been privy to the million and one articles anointing the winners and roasting the losers of this year’s Super Bowl advertising bonanza. So we’re not going to rehash that here. Instead, let’s settle in for a FANtastic marketing exercise...

Website Design

Meredith Communications Launches New Website for Richmond Hill Design + Build

Meredith Communications is excited to unveil a new website for Richmond Hill Design + Build, a company that specializes in renovating old homes and building new homes around Richmond, Virginia. The company, owned by long-time homebuilder Lloyd Poe, works to...


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