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Book Release

Coming Soon: FANtastic Marketing by Meredith Oliver

I’ve been keeping a really big secret. Needless to say that it has been difficult. That’s why I’m so excited to share that after months of researching, writing, editing (and a whole lot more) I’m going to be releasing a...

Personal Development

Best Business Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the most popular ways to get valuable content from industry leaders. The growth of podcasts has led to an increasing number of shows that cover a variety of topics, interests, and business niches. Business podcasts offer...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What Is RankBrain and Why Do You Care? Hint: it effects your SEO…

Post By Guest Blogger Nick Stoyanov At the beginning of 2015, a new system called RankBrain was introduced as a part of Google search engine. However, we weren’t aware of this until October 2015 when Google officially made the announcement....


Is Pokemon Go Threatening the Security of Your Business?

Data security is more important than ever before. This is especially true for businesses that manage large amounts of data and need ongoing protection from cyber attacks. The use of mobile devices on your network could open the door to...

FANtastic Selling Tips

Successful Real Estate Agents Manage Buyer Emotions With Education

Buying or selling a house can lead to emotional stress and make the process more difficult than the buyer or seller may have expected. It’s why successful real estate agents do their best to help their clients understand the process...

Home Builder Marketing & Sales

The August Builder Blab Replay is Now Available

Did you miss my August 16th Builder Blab?  I have great news! You can now view the replay below and catch everything you missed about the Secrets and Lies of Search Engine Optimization.

Personal Development

3 Easy Ways You Can Store Your Business Cards

Anytime you go to a networking meeting, conference or other business event, chances are you are going to leave with a fistful of business cards. It’s great having all that information for your new contacts. But how do you keep...


How to Prevent Email Messages from Disrupting Your Vacation

Email is an essential part of your workflow. But it can feel like a necessary evil when it comes time to go on vacation. Getting away is hard when you’re always connected to colleagues and work responsibilities, and it can...

Home Builder Marketing & Sales

TimberCraft Homes Launches New Home Builder Website

Do you dream of building a house that feels more like a home? TimberCraft Homes, a home builder in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, recently contacted Meredith Communications about a website redesign. The previous website, though informative, did little to prove to...

Home Builder Marketing & Sales

How to Engage Real Estate Buyers with Snapchat

Are you familiar with Snapchat? It’s a video messaging app for iPhone and Android that allows you to take photos and videos, add text and drawings to them, and then send them to your followers as “snaps.” Users set a...


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Content Marketing

Successful Marketing For Homebuilders Begins With These Three Actions

When you’re in the business of homebuilding, the land procurement and home construction side of the business often takes precedence. Creating beautiful new homes takes a lot of hard work, after all! And ensuring that all of the details are...

Career Advice

Here’s How You Sell The Right Way

Have you ever considered that the questions the buyer asks you are clear signals of their phase in the buying journey? We so often fail to listen to the whole question because we want to appear smart, knowledgeable, and savvy....

Digital Marketing

Keyword Research That’ll Knock Out Your Competition 

As a digital marketer, you probably hear the word “keyword” over and over again. So what are they and why should you care? Keywords are necessary when it comes to the findability of your website. That is, they help searchers locate your site based on the words that they type...


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