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FANtastic Selling Tips

High Tech vs. High Touch Follow-Up

Written by Meredith Oliver How do you follow up with prospects and customers? Do you… Send an email? Connect with them on LinkedIn? Pick up the phone and give them a call? Many sales people rely on technology to stay...

Email Marketing

Follow-Up is a Marathon Not a Sprint

  Written by Meredith Oliver Have you ever run a marathon? Not many people do. In fact, only one-half of one percent of the U.S. population has ever run that 26.2 mile distance. (Source: Runners World, Everyday Health). There are...


Top 5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Have you ever tried to view a website on a mobile phone? Did you find what you needed or leave in frustration? Even though a majority of mobile phone users surf the web from their phones, plenty of website owners...

Social Media

4 Tools to Generate Content for Your Customer

  Social media has transformed the amount of content that a company needs to generate to promote its products and services. No longer can a company rely on a brochure and website. It must find content to blog, email, tweet...

Small Business Marketing

7 Ways Your Sales Team Can Use Quora

  Written by Meredith Oliver Quora made a big splash in the first quarter of 2011 as the online Q&A service’s popularity soared.  While growth has slowed since then, the company recently hired a former Twitter and Facebook techie to...

FANtastic Selling Tips

8 Ways a Sales Person Can Benefit from a Smartphone

  Written by Meredith Oliver If you’re a sales person you know how valuable a cell phone is for staying in touch with the office. Smartphones provide even more convenience because they give you access to a wide range of useful...


A Balanced Life: Streamlining Technology to Manage Your Family and Career

I was recently on a conference call with a valued long-term client in my home office when my three year old ran up the stairs (he was home sick from school) and yelled loud enough for the entire block to...


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Home Builder Marketing & Sales

Tools to Identify Buyer Trends

Identifying buyer trends is key to creating a successful home building business. Because the last thing you want is to provide houses that aren’t meeting the needs of the current market. Why? In the end, they’ll be incredibly difficult to...

Digital Marketing

7 Incredibly Useful Tactics to Build Engagement Through Email Marketing

You spend a lot of time on your email marketing. So it can be incredibly frustrating when your engagement numbers don’t meet your expectations. Been there, done that—got the t-shirt! But if you want to know the truth…building engagement through...

Digital Marketing

Prepare Your Holiday Marketing With These Five Tips

Who doesn’t love the holidays? It’s the time of year to spend time with family and friends, and even to throw festivities! As a homebuilder, the holidays are also the perfect time to showcase how your available homes can be...


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