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There Is No Such Thing As a Well-Rounded Employee

This week our guest blogger is Lauren McGhee the owner/CEO of Lauren McGhee Coaching. Lauren is a Gallup-certified Strengths coach. She discusses how there is no such thing as a well-rounded employee or person. Instead of focusing on always working to be...

Career Advice

Guest Post | New Home Salesperson Branding Tips

As I was brainstorming names for possible guest bloggers for our #ThoughtfulThursday column, Quint Lears immediately popped up in my mind. Quint is a new home salesperson and the founder of www.NewHomeSales.com. He is a devoted student of the home...

Career Advice

Guest Post: Why You Aren’t Selling More Homes

I can’t think of another sales and marketing expert who is also a “mom” to 2,500-pound steer named Elvis. I bet you can’t either. And, that’s why audiences love Leah Turner! Fun, smart, and super savvy, my friend Leah Turner...


What’s Appening: Webinar Replay Now Available!

Did you miss my my free webinar What’s Appening: Tech Tips and Tricks For Busy Salespeople On The Go where we discussed how real estate agents can take advantage of today’s tech? I’m thrilled that I can now share the replay with you!...


5 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone and Tablet Running Smoothly

Like many people today, real estate and new home sales agents rely heavily on their smartphones. If you installed the latest iOS upgrade in your iPhone or iPad, it’s wise to review the settings to make sure everything is in...


Mobile Apps Real Estate Agents Can Use for Personal Safety

In light of recent events, we felt it was necessary to publish a blog with safety “tech” tips for real estate agents. We wish this wasn’t needed, but it’s a sad fact of life, real estate can be a dangerous profession. Did...


The Five Real Estate Agents We All Hate on Facebook

Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool for real estate agents, helping them to land new clients and find buyers for their listings. Unfortunately, some agents are clueless about how to use Facebook for business. When you read through the...

Home Builder Marketing & Sales

How to Sell New Homes to Generation Y

When it comes to buying new homes, you may think that older Americans would be the most likely buyers since they generally have larger incomes and a longer credit history than people in their 20s and 30s. But a survey...


Real Estate Agents: What Is Your Online Reputation?

When is the last time you searched online for your name or your real estate company’s name? It’s important to monitor what people are saying about you because incorrect information can spread like wildfire. It’s vital that you react instantly...


Are Tech-Savvy Real Estate Agents More Successful?

Want to make more money in real estate? Start investing in technology. Real estate agents who spend money on things like real estate CRM and mobile apps, and spend time on social media activities like blogging, Twitter and YouTube are...

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Toolbox Tuesdays

Facebook Messenger for Kids

Parents now have a new tool to help them protect their children on the Internet. The new app Messenger Kids has been designed to give parents control of who their children talk to on the Internet via the messenger app....

Thoughtful Thursdays

Guest Post | Whose Voice Are You Listening To?

This week I’m happy to welcome Thomas Miller, from Leaders Building Leaders, on the blog for today’s edition of #ThoughtfulThursdays. He’s sharing some of the things he’s learned in his business – including who you should be listening to in your...

Social Media

Facebook Posting Don’ts

Facebook is considered one of the greatest platforms for social interactions ever created. In recent month, users have grown increasingly frustrated by privacy concerns and other user’s bad behavior.  Social etiquette applies to social forums like Facebook. There are things that...


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