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Covenant Developments

Builder Needs New Mobile Responsive Website For Multiple Target Audiences


Covenant Developments builds thoughtfully designed floor plans and communities for active adults and independent senior living in the Grand Rapids, MI market.


Covenant Developments serves two distinctly different markets: 1) Active adults seeking lake-front, luxury, low-maintenance homes, and 2) Seniors and their adult children seeking independent living cottage rentals with a-la-carte support healthcare services. The active adult buyers are sensitive to the senior living messaging – they are not ready and do not want to purchase a home in a “senior” community.  They are looking for a retirement community to lead an active, robust lifestyle and start a new chapter of their life. The adult children of the independent living seniors are looking for a safe place for their parents to live and want to lease so they can easily shift to other types of housing as their parent’s housing needs change. Why didn’t we just do two separate websites? There is a constant turnover with the communities opening and closing and Covenant has tried that approach in the past – it left them with a gap in the past with no website presence in between communities opening and closing. Ultimately, Covenant Developments needed one website that could appeal to both audiences and quickly and easily funnel each audience to their desired product type.


We designed the homepage menu structure and the call-to-action graphics under the hero image to identify the two product types/target audiences in a way that easily guides visitors in the appropriate direction. You have two simple, obvious choices: luxury condo communities, and senior living rentals, right at the top of the page and throughout the rest of the page, making it hard to miss. We carefully chose lifestyle images to reflect the audience being addressed per page. Photo Galleries and Virtual Tours were separated per product as well to keep the product verticals completely separate and avoid any confusion among potential home buyers.

Solutions Delivered

  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Catalyst™ WordPress CMS
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing & Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization

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