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Carothers Executive Homes Launches New Website

October 16, 2018

Meredith Communications is pleased to announce the launch of Carothers Executive Home Sites new website. This site was designed to showcase the homes offered by the builder and provide information on neighborhoods with available homes or homesites.

The first thing that catches your eye when you visit the site is the slideshow header.  It features photos of different homes offered by Carothers Executive Home Sites. Although these photos are still in the process of being updated by the builder, they provide a great example of the beauty that can be found in a Carothers home.

To keep the attention of the visitor, the site is further designed to be easy to navigate. Finding information has been made simple by creating three eye-catching boxes that direct visitors to available homes, floor plans, and communities that feature Carothers homes. Visitors may also use the links listed at the top of the site to find this as well as more information about the builder.

The site also contains a link to Carothers Executive Home Sites Blog. The blog contains many great articles about decorating, home care tips, and other useful home-related information. Meredith Communications has created the initial blog for the home builder.

As part of the site operation, Meredith Communications incorporated their proprietary WordPress features which allows easy management of the site. All information on the site is updated in real-time to ensure that customers have access not only to the floorplans but also to homes and homesites that are available.

The site has advanced search options, CRM integration, and is search engine optimized. A large button placed near the bottom of the site calls out to visitors to follow the builder on social media. Many potential buyers will visit the social media site of a builder before they ask for information about an available home.

Carothers Executive Home Sites will be able to manage their site from any device and at any time. This real-time management improves customer satisfaction levels and helps boost sales. There are never any questions as to what homes are available when a visitor is on the site.

Meredith Communications encourages visitors to the site to check back often as the site is upgraded with new photos listed on the site. The builder has many new amenities and features to showcase on their site, and the pictures will be updated upon availability. We look forward to sharing the updated look of the site with you very soon.

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