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Is Your Website’s Call to Action Effective?

April 23, 2018

Home Builder Marketing MondaysUsing both text and graphics that compel visitors to call, click, check out more of your products, or come by your office is called a Call to Action. Websites are active sales vehicles if they ASK visitors to engage. In general, you want to strive for a minimum of three to four calls to action per page.

Even though home builder websites are not literally selling a product online, you should still think like an ecommerce website. Merchandise your website with action language to encourage visitors to call you, visit an onsite location, or register for more information. One of the biggest mistakes home builders make is failing to treat their website like a store.

The number of online sales calls and/or online leads you receive is a direct correlation to the strength of your call to action language and graphics.

Tips to improve your website’s calls to action:

  • Set aside room on every page for a promotional area that is updated frequently. In this area, promote a featured home/home site/neighborhood/floor plan, price discount, incentive, or content/sweepstakes.
  • Use graphic buttons/banners with action language to grab visitors’ attention, such as Learn More, Sign Up, Start Here, and Get It Now.
  • Include a short email sign-up form on every page.
  • Offer visitors a toll-free number to call for more information, and post it in the same place on every page in a highly visible location.
  • Offer Live Chat or Click-to-Call technology on your website to encourage visitors to interact instantly while they are on your website.

Live Chat is one of the best calls to action for a home builder website. Live chat produces high quality leads by allowing visitors to chat instantly. If you average a minimum of 1,000 visits a month to your website, then you can benefit from Live Chat. There are two forms of Live Chat: hosted and do-it-yourself. Hosted Live Chat allows you to outsource to a call center that monitors your website and responds to requests on your behalf. Do-it-yourself Live Chat is less expensive and can work if you have someone available in your office during peak website traffic times.

Call to Action Checklist – Does Your Website?

  • Define the next step for visitors?
  • Ask the visitor to purchase, register, call, or visit in person?
  • Have a short registration form?
  • Have an email sign-up form on every page?
  • Use promotional graphic buttons/banners?
  • Offer Live Chat and/or Click-to-Call options?
  • Offer an incentive in exchange for registration or purchase?
  • Offer a toll free number prominently displayed on every page?
  • Use an interactive map to provide directions to offline locations?

Click Power by Meredith OliverToday’s post contains information found in Click Power, Meredith’s book written specifically for the new home building and residential real estate industry. It’s a comprehensive, digital marketing how-to guide for home builders. Meredith steps you through the sometimes overwhelming maze of web marketing and shows you how to optimize your potential online. Order it online at Amazon.com.

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