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Audience Targeting Tips for Facebook Ads

April 3, 2018

Toolbox Tuesdays - Audience Targeting Tips for Facebook AdsFacebook ads are an incredible way to reach home buyers. When done correctly, Facebook ads have the potential to generate a high-volume of website traffic, second only to Google, than any other digital marketing method. When creating a Facebook ad, the key piece to ensure you’re reaching people most likely to become buyers is targeting. There are many factors that go into creating a successful target audience. To get started, check out these audience targeting tips.

Audience Size

Before you start playing with the Facebook ad targeting functions, you’ll want to have a solid idea of how many people you want to reach and what your ultimate goal is. With that in mind, create a narrow audience for personalized messages or a broader audience to build buzz.  Be aware that if the audience size is too small, you may not achieve the desired results; and if it’s too big, you may wind up with fewer impressions than desired. Make a few thousand people your starting point.

Basic Targeting Options

When defining your audience, consider location (such as the city in which your housing community is located), age, and gender. The basic options will give you a fairly large audience.  You can then narrow these further using a variety of other factors.

Narrowing Your Target

Those basic options give you far too broad an audience to achieve desired results. Continue to hone your audience based on interests, demographics other than age and gender (such as recent life events or schools), behaviors such as recent purchases, and their connections. We frequently target based on “likely to move” or real estate agent job titles and employer names.

Track Results and Refine

As with any marketing campaign, you’ll need to test and refine your audience. Once your ad receives 500 impressions, you’ll get a relevancy score on a scale from 1 to 10.  A 10 means it’s highly relevant. If you have a low score, consider either updating your audience or changing the ad copy or images to be more engaging.

For help mastering your Facebook ad targeting, contact Meredith Communications. The first consultation is always free.


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