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7 Incredibly Useful Tactics to Build Engagement Through Email Marketing

November 8, 2019

You spend a lot of time on your email marketing. So it can be incredibly frustrating when your engagement numbers don’t meet your expectations. Been there, done that—got the t-shirt! But if you want to know the truth…building engagement through email marketing is an obstacle worth tackling when you want to grow your business. Because while it takes quite a bit of trial and error, the payout can be huge! If you’re not sure where to begin (or you feel like you’ve hit a dead-end) then use the following tactics to up your email marketing game and send your engagement soaring! 

  1. Set Expectations

Increasing engagement starts with increasing interest. When customers sign up to receive your emails, make sure they know what they are getting into. To ensure that they are receiving relevant emails, ask them a few questions on your email signup form. For example, you can ask them to identify a set of interests from a list you provide. This will help you segment your marketing which ultimately leads to more targeted emails. 

  1. Take Time to Personalize

Personalizing your emails is an important way to keep customers engaged. And it’s really simple to include! Personalization can be as easy as including someone’s name in the subject line or email greeting. It can also mean targeting to email preferences. For example, by using the information submitted in the original email form combined with knowledge of previous purchases you can create more personalized emails for your subscribers. And when you’re really targeting with those emails it’s going to show in your engagement!

  1. Craft Interesting Subject Lines

You’ve probably heard this one before but it bears repeating—an engaging subject line can make the difference between a subscriber opening an email or deleting it! Inboxes become so filled with junk mail they often skim rather than open every single one. And the ones they open are because of a really, really interesting headline. Do some A/B testing with headlines. From discounts and special offers to emojis and alliteration, put some work into this seemingly unimportant detail and watch what happens to your engagement!

  1. Don’t Forget Social Media Links

Do you have business social media pages? Then make sure to include links at the bottom of every single email you send out. In fact, studies have shown that emails that allow have social sharing links get far more engagement than other emails—WOW! 

  1. Provide Variety

Do you send the same type of content over and over and over? Time to make some changes! Mix up your email offerings and people will want to know what is coming next. Choose to send short, quick email blasts to promote a deal. Or you could advertise a new product release. Providing a nice mix of email types will keep people curious—and that’s exactly what helps to build engagement.

  1. Keep it Visual

A great email can be doomed if it doesn’t include engaging visuals. And visuals do not need to be complex to do the job. Even simple lines can break up all the text. Using headers and simple stock images can help break things up, too. Or create something more visually appealing on a free site like Canva (one of my personal favorite design tools). Images of your products are also ideal for your email campaigns.

  1. Think Mobile 

I can’t stress how important this last item is! If you are not currently optimizing your emails for mobile devices it’s a missed opportunity! Over 70% of people read their email on their smartphones. So if your email is not optimized for mobile, it is not being read—I can almost guarantee it! The good news is if you’re using an email software like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to design your emails, they’re automatically optimized for cell phones—phew!

Email marketing is incredibly important to building up your fan base. So it’s imperative you spend time on it, even if it seems like a waste of time. The more engaged you are with building good emails, the more engaged your audience will become!

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