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6 More Social Media Power Tips for Real Estate Sales

September 30, 2015

6 More Social Media Power Tips for Real Estate Sales

Last month, I shared 5 power tips real estate agents can use to sell properties with social media. Here are six more ideas you can implement that will help you get more sales.

1. YouTube Video Tours – Video is a powerful way to present a property to potential home buyers. If you have a bunch of short clips, you can mix them together to create an interesting video with an app like Magisto. Once the video is done, you can upload it to your YouTube channel and start promoting it to get views.  Here are a few ideas or places to display your videos:

  • Your Blog
  • Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Emails to friends, family, past clients and neighbors

Remember to include a strong “call to action” in your video. And once the property sells, change the call to action to mention other properties in your area, your website and/or your buyers’ waiting list.

2. Pinterest Ads – Ideally, you should be pinning images of your listings to Pinterest already. Investing a few dollars in advertising will help you generate even better results. Some marketers have been able to get clicks on their pins for less than 15 cents. If you decide to advertise, pick one or two of the best images for your listing and pay for clicks to a landing page for that property. Targeting isn’t as extensive here as on Facebook. You can only choose major cities as geographic regions. But since the cost is low, it’s worth a try. Go to to get started.

3. Twitter Cold Calling – You may not think Twitter is an effective sales tool, but it is possible to find potential buyers with a little effort. Write a few scripted tweets to promote your real estate services, emphasizing the service you offer. Use Twitter’s search feature to look for users who express an interest in buying a home in your area, and then respond with one of your pre-made tweets. You can automate this process using a service like IFTTT or SocialOomph.

4. Twitter Local Hashtags – Savvy real estate agents know that local leads are at a premium when it comes to selling a property. Leverage attention given to local businesses and events, like a high school football game or concert, on Twitter by paying attention to their hashtags. Then, time your tweets to go out when people are using these hashtags to get more eyes on your real estate because of it! Check out our recent article on hashtags for homebuilders to get some ideas.

5. Google Plus First Page Hack – Some social media experts believe Google Plus isn’t a viable place for marketers to spend time anymore. But there is one huge advantage of having people follow you on Google Plus. Your posts show up on the first page of Google for everyone that follows you. One way to get prospects to add you to their circles is to add every single contact that emails you to your Google Plus page. Eventually, most of them will follow you back. Even though it may take time to build up a large following, the payoff could be huge!

6. Live Streaming – The next time you host an open house, why not take the tour online? Try one of the live streaming smartphone apps like Meerkat or Periscope and give people a virtual tour of the property.

Want help marketing your real estate business? Contact Meredith Communications today to learn how we can help you attract more buyers and sellers.

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