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50 Ideas for Your Blog

October 7, 2015

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Creating a blog for your business is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can implement. For one thing, adding regular content to a blog on your website helps your site rank high on Google for the keywords home buyers and sellers use. The main benefit of blogging is that sharing useful information will help you attract and convert prospects into customers.

You may be reluctant to start a blog because you don’t consider yourself to be a good writer. Don’t let that stop you. A blog doesn’t have to be just text. A blog can contain video, audio, slideshow presentations or a combination of any of these methods!  If you’re not sure what to write about, here are 50 types of posts you can start using today:

1.     Tutorials (text, images, screencasts or videos, audio instruction)

2.     Lists

3.     Inspirational/Motivational

4.     How To Articles (DIY posts, recipes, quick tips on home staging, etc.)

5.     Current Events/Hot Topics (including controversial topics, news related to the real estate industry or your local market)

6.     Predictions (how new legislation or actions by the Federal Reserve might affect your readers, etc.)

7.     Personal Stories/Anecdotes (use these to establish connections and show similarities between you and your readers)

8.     Life Lessons/Parables/Sermons (emotional help, relationship advice, life coaching, personal development)

9.     Educational/Informative Posts (to help establish your expertise)

10.  Case Studies/Statistics (facts and figures make you look more authoritative than you already are, so do some research and give takeaways, key findings, ways to implement the new information, etc.)

11.  Reviews (restaurants, events, software, movies, books, music, gadgets, and other products of interest to your readers)

12.  Definition Posts (explain industry jargon–after all, how many times do you search “what is an adjustable rate mortgage” online and expect/desire more than a simple Wikipedia definition?)

13.  Beginner’s Guides (get people started on major projects or acquainted with home buying/selling)

14.  Compilations/Resource Sharing (other resources around the Internet)

15.  Resources You’ve Created (eBooks, manifestos, special reports, freebies, etc.)

16.  Expert Roundtables/Roundups/Panels (ask experts in your field to comment on a certain topic and collect their responses to create one helpful, seamless article)

17.  Checklists (to help your readers complete repetitive/difficult/important tasks completely and efficiently)

18.  Interviews

19.  Profile Posts (on a person, business, organization, or movement)

20.  Problem Solving (present a common problem your reader/industry may have, then offer solutions)

21.  Progress Posts (status, _____ gained so far, future outlook)

22.  Behind-the-Scenes Posts (how you help home buyers/sellers, how you got to your first 100 fans on FB, how you look when you wake up and how you style your hair on a bad hair day, etc.)

23.  Humorous/Parody/Sarcastic Posts

24.  Guest Posts

25.  Portfolio/Share Client Work (just finished a batch of invitations/a website/a real estate photo shoot? Share.)

26.  FAQs

27.  Reader Feedback Posts (surveys, specific questions, etc.)

28.  Infographics (share important statistics or messages graphically)

29.  Memes/Comics/Cartoons

30.  Cheat Sheets (including study guides, tips, tricks, methods, shortcuts, rules, etc.)

31.  Projects/Goals (invite your readers to complete a goal/project with you–ex. a DIY home decorating project; then post regular updates and encourage community interaction)

32.  Contests/Sweepstakes

33.  Giveaways/Drawings

34.  Personal Quizzes (“What type of home buyer are you?” Choose topics that are fun/helpful for your readership)

35.  Seminars/Webinars (can be pre-recorded or live)

36.  Q&A, Office Hours

37.  In-depth answers to reader questions (take a question and make a whole post/series from it)

38.  Manifestos/Mission Statements

39.  Awareness/Calls to Action/Cause Posts

40.  Best of/Top _____

41.  Image Collections or Image Collages (my trip to Italy in pictures, the hot new paint colors of the year, ways to decorate your home for Halloween)

42.  Events/Announcements/Updates (1-yr blog anniversary, upcoming party, new home listings)

43.  Testimonials/Client Achievement Videos

44.  Customer Showcase (unique ways clients are using your tools, exciting customer achievements)

45.  Meet The Team (introduce readers to your staff or bloggers–one per post or multiple people per post)

46.  Entertainment

47.  Quotes/Pins (or quote/pin roundups)

48.  Your Response to Other Posts/Videos/Content on the Web

49.  Revamped Posts/Follow-up (Has a lot changed on Twitter since you wrote that post 3 years ago? Did you reach the three goals you set out to achieve in that blog post from a month ago? Update people.)

50.  Pick of the Week or Month (homes, books, blogs, resources, etc.)

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