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5 Easy-To-Use Home Builder Apps

January 29, 2019

5 Easy-To-Use Home Builder Apps

As a home builder, you probably access tools on your smartphone or tablet—like your calculator and calendar—regularly. But did you know that today’s technology offers home builders a variety of apps designed to make your job even easier? From staying in touch with your team members to measuring to sharing documents, the following apps are yours for the downloading!


As home builders, you likely have a lot of files. And those files need to be shared with everyone from clients to contractors. Gone are the days of carrying around a huge pile of papers everywhere you go—thankfully. And while it’s easy enough to send off an email with an attachment from your phone or tablet, sometimes those attachments can be too large to send and receive. What then? Dropbox is the perfect way to organize, store, and secure your files. You can also share links to specific folders or documents and individuals are notified when you make changes to a folder they’re linked to. Dropbox is free to use or you can choose a paid plan (starting at only $9.99/month) if you need more memory. Best of all, you can download Dropbox to your computer and easily store documents in the folders which will be reachable through your app when you’re on the job!

Bubble Level

Every builder needs a level to test surfaces. Is it plump or is it level? And while carrying a level around with you to job sites is doable, it’s much easier to have an app like Bubble Level on your phone. Resting your smartphone or tablet on a surface, the app gathers information about whether or not an object is level. Allowing you to align boards or drywall, calculate angles, track inclines, and even capable of detecting wire inside a wall, this handy app is perfect for a builders’ back pocket.

Construction Master Pro

As a homebuilder, you’re probably used to carrying around a bulky calculator that can perform crazy math problems. But with today’s technology, your tablet or smartphone can become the calculator. And Construction Master Pro costs less than your typical TI-83. At $29.99. Ideal for Architects, Builders, Contractors, Designers, Engineers, Framers, Carpenters and Tradesmen, this handy calculator can solve construction problems in a snap. Use it for estimates, bids, or building—whatever your needs, this calculator has you covered.


Construction project management is a big job. Luckily, there’s an app that can help take some of the load off your shoulders. Fieldwire was designed to connect field and office teams. Not only do job site personnel have the tools they need to get things done, but the office team can stay up-to-date on project plans. Featuring real-time communication, the ability to upload photos and video, and sections for notes this app helps reduce paper usage while keeping everyone on track.


When you have a home building project in the works, there is a lot of communication happening. Occasionally, some of that communication—be it paper, email, or word of mouth—gets lost or forgotten along the way. Which can be frustrating to say the least. But have you heard about Slack? A collaboration app, you can easily communicate with team members, contractors, and even clients. Discuss projects, share important documents, make big decisions, and never lose the information. You can also send notes to yourself and search keywords for older communication.


There are a lot of apps out there today. And for the home builder industry, that’s a great thing. Make the job of building less burdensome. Download one of these great apps today and see how much more streamlined your work becomes!

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