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25 Topic Ideas For Your Homebuilder Blog

January 8, 2019

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Having an active blog on your homebuilder site is a great way to drive organic traffic. Organic traffic consists of people who are looking for information available on your site. And many of these people may bookmark your website for future reading if they like what they see. So where do you begin? How do you write about things that potential customers will be interested in?

Fresh Topics, Fresh Traffic

Keeping your blog fresh and informative is the key to driving traffic. You want to include information about your services, of course; but you also want to write about things that are helpful to the public. A few fresh ideas for your blog may include the following titles:

  1. New Interior Design Trends For 2019
  2. We Build Using Eco-Friendly Materials
  3. Should You Change Over to LED Lighting?
  4. Have You Considered Smart Home Features?
  5. 10 Great Things to Do with Your Family Near (Community)
  6. Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?
  7. 5 Spring Cleaning Tips You Never Thought About
  8. Preparing Your Home for The Winter Months
  9. 5 Fabulous Restaurants to Enjoy Near (Community)
  10. 3 Tips to Cut Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer
  11. 5 Great Holiday Decorating Tips for Outside
  12. 5 Great Holiday Decorating Tips for Inside
  13. Color Trends for Your Home Interior 2019
  14. How to Reduce Water Usage While Still Maintaining A Beautiful Landscape
  15. Making Your Home Shine Using Natural Cleaners
  16. How To Prepare Your Home To List It For Sale
  17. Preparing Your Credit to Purchase A New Home
  18. What to Look for In A New Home Community
  19. Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Builder About A New Home
  20. 5 Must-Have Amenities in Your Newly Built Home
  21. 3 Places That You Never Knew You Wanted to Visit Near (Community)
  22. Getting the Most Out of Your Storage Space
  23. Tile, Wood, or Carpeting – Which Flooring Is Right for Your Lifestyle?
  24. Cleaning Your Home Using All-Natural Products
  25. Stages of Construction: A Walk Through the Process

Before You Blog

The best way to think about creating a blog post is to think about what you would search for on the internet when you’re thinking about purchasing a new home. Cleaning Tips, Gardening Tips, Repair Hacks, Buying or Selling a Home Tips, or Area Activities are all good choices to write about.

Of course, you will want to post about your company, your projects, and your communities as well. Keep your posts rotating from business-related to informational and keep people coming back again and again. In the end, a good blog will keep people interested in your products and services and may generate new clients who were not initially looking to purchase a home.

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