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14 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Improve Their Instagram Presence

December 3, 2015

Do you use Instagram to promote your real estate business? If not, it’s a good idea to consider it. With over 400 million users on the social networking site, there’s an excellent opportunity for you to build a presence here, so you can connect with potential clients and market your properties.


Here are a few ways you can improve your presence on the popular image-sharing site.

1. After you upload a photo to Instagram, make sure you also share your photo to Facebook and/or Twitter.

2. When you take photos, hold off posting them right away. You can put your phone on airplane mode to save the photos you take, and then post them later when you have more time.

3. Find out the best times for posting your real estate images with Iconosquare. This app uses optimization tools to analyze your engagement. You can sign up to monitor your average number of likes, the exact time of day you should post, follower growth and a lot more.

4. Use the grid feature on your iPhone to help compose your shots. If you don’t know how to set this up, go to your phone’s Settings, select Photos & Camera and slide the Grid feature on. Then you can start practicing the Rule of Thirds, which can help make your photos more balanced and interesting.

5. Adjust your photo’s brightness level before playing with filters included in the Instagram app. This is the easiest way to improve a photo without drastically changing it. Tools like the VSCO app are great for this.

6. Stop using the front-facing camera for selfies.  It may be convenient, but the resolution is not as good as the rear-facing camera (the one on the back of your phone).  That’s because the back camera has more megapixels than the front camera.

7. Use your phone’s earbuds for more than just music.  Plug them in, open the camera app, and press the “up” volume button to snap pictures.  Earbuds also come in handy when you’re using a tripod.

8. Make your images stand out by adding text to them with apps like Over and BubbleFrame.

9. Want to post a photo that was taken in poor lighting? If you can’t fix it easily using an editing app, try making it black and white before posting on Instagram. Aviary is a very easy photo editing app for your phone and Tablet. For Mac desktop users try Fotor and/or Movavi.

10. Show off a new real estate listing by posting several pictures in a collage with a tool like Diptic or Layout.

11. Engage your followers with amazing videos. Try using Instagram’s free Hyperlapse app which will turn shaky movies into professional-looking, high-quality time-lapse videos.

Or create short 15-second video home tours to post on Instagram simply by pressing and holding the record button on your phone, then lifting your finger to stop. As you go through one of your listings, capture one or two seconds of video in each room and then post the entire 15 second video when complete. Don’t worry if the video goes too fast, the viewer can rewatch it and pause it. The goal is simply to get people interested in the property and your business.

12. Consider making a GIF to post on Instagram. The Party Party app combines your photos automatically, spacing them one second apart by default. You can also adjust the speed setting of the animation to suit you better. Ten, you can save it as a looping video to post on Instagram, or save it as a .gif file for your blog or website.

13. Be consistent in what images you post and how frequently you post, especially to gain more followers. People like being able to tell what your page is about quickly. Think of your Instagram account like a curated collection of your life.

14. Follow @Instagram and participate in their #projects. If Instagram takes notice of your account and adds you to their “Suggested Users List,” you can obtain thousands of new followers. That exposure can help generate plenty of new leads for your real estate business.

How do you use Instagram in your real estate business? Share your experience in the comments below.

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