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What’s ‘Appening App of the Week | Slack

August 9, 2017

What's 'Appening App of the Week: Slack

What is it?

Slack is a digital workspace that helps your team communicate more effectively. Stop burying each other with dozens of emails a day! Slack allows you to message each other in real time – like instant messenger but better! How is it better? You can organize your conversations into channels, so for example, you can have a channel per project or client. All of the messages, documents, images etc… can be posted to that channel creating one seamless thread of communication. The thread is searchable by keyword so if you have a lot of messages you can find a specific message. It puts all the moving pieces of your company in one place, with team collaboration/communication. I promise it will revolutionize the way you and your team work. There are also TONS of integrations available (like Kyber To-Do app for example) to make it even more effective for you! If you haven’t yet, try it out!!

How much is it?

Slack is free for everyone to use but with upgrade options available depending on the functionality and size of your team. For more information and a comparison chart, click here!

Who uses it?

Teams of all sizes use Slack. Whether you have 1 member to 1,000, Slack has got you covered. It works great as a place for multiple employees to meet; but also, with the ability to keep all of your notes, documents, and files in one place, Slack also works wonders if you’re a one-(wo)man-show!

What would we rate it?

Hands down, we would give Slack a 5/5 for it’s ability to effortlessly collaborate, the free option given, and the ability to create/store documents right inside the app! We believe in it just that much!

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