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What’s ‘Appening App of the Week | Moleskine Smart Writing Set

September 13, 2017

What's 'Appening App of the Week | Moleskine Smart Writing Set

What is it?

It’s a brilliant writing set for taking notes manually but store them digitally. If I take all my notes manually, I end up with little, unorganized notes EVERYWHERE! I’m really into digital filing systems and file everything into Evernote.

So with my Neo Smart Pen, I take my notes manually in the special Moleskine dotted paper. The dotted paper allows the Moleskine Pen to capture a digital version of my handwritten notes!! Then I simply hit the export button and I send it to Evernote and file it in whatever folder it belongs in – speech ideas, client suggestions, etc. You name it, you can do it!

It will put the notes in my Evernote in real time if I have the app open on my phone or it will store my writing in the pen and I can sync it later! What?!

How much is it?

$199 for the smart writing set – but you can get the Neo Pen or the journal on their own from their respective sites.

Who uses it?

This set is for people who like to take their notes manually rather than only typing them. It’s also for people who have a tendency of getting distracted while taking notes (guilty!!), or the everyday person who longs for a more organized life! Sound like you? Then you should give it a go! My guess is you won’t be sorry you did.

What would we rate it?

I give the Moleskine Smart Writing Set a 5/5 for ease of use, flexibility, and keeping me organized!!

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