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Website Profile: Elliott Homes

June 29, 2017

Elliott Homes has a new website designed by Meredith Communications. The site demonstrates the value of their services and gives buyers the resources they need to design and build their dream homes.

Elliott Homes has been recognized for delivering quality custom homes on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi that meet the standards of today’s competitive marketplace. Their mission is to elevate the quality of living for new home owners in their local communities.

These and other goals were considered when developing the new website. Elliott’s innovative services were translated into an online presence that provides value to visitors and positions the home builder as an industry leader.

The plan for the new website design began with Elliot Homes’ struggle to keep their site updated.

The existing website was only a few months old, and the company was satisfied with its look. But Meredith Communication’s Home Builder CMS (content management system) compelled Elliott Homes to start over and build a fully functional, easy-to-maintain website that was right for their business and customer service needs.

Keeping their online information updated is just one of the goals that the new website helps the company achieve. Elliott Homes also wanted a website that showcases their Adrienne Collection of Home Designs.

This collection offers affordable homes with the luxury features seen in most award-winning properties. Large images and engaging videos highlight these features for the website’s visitors. Interchangeable floor plans also help users envision their dream homes. They engage users and begin to create the relationships needed to generate new customers.

In addition to the visual displays and easy-to-use navigation, the new Elliott Homes website includes an Interactive Home Designer. This combination of interactivity and visual design makes the new website a powerful tool in their marketing strategy. Users can customize their dream home with different room layouts, place furniture (which is to scale), view photos and 3D images, and print out the resulting plan for future reference.

Meredith Communications also provided Elliott Homes with interactive site maps for the website. These maps let users explore the communities where Elliott Homes are available. The maps highlight the homes that are move-in ready alongside available homesites and those that have already been sold. Users can hover over one of the map pins and a rollover box appears with one of Elliott’s home designs, text and a link to view images. The map can be updated in real time, so visitors will always know which homes and sites are available for purchase.

The website’s navigation makes it easy for users to learn more about the communities that Elliott Homes serves, their home designs, and their team. A dedicated contact page lets visitors connect with the Elliott Homes team, and visitors can sign up to receive email updates on the home page. Meredith Communications also provides search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing services for the home builder.

Meredith Communications and Elliott Homes worked together to create their new website. The site is an extension of the builder’s commitment to provide high-quality homes using the latest materials and construction methods. This gives customers the opportunity to purchase low-maintenance luxury homes at affordable prices.

To learn more about how to create a website that helps your home design and building company generate new customers and achieve greater industry success, contact Meredith Communications today.

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