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New Website Profile: M & J Homes

May 11, 2017

M & J Homes has a new website that’s helping them reach a larger audience and generate more revenue for their home design and construction business.

Since 2013, M & J Homes has delivered custom homes that give their clients maximum value on their investments along with the comfort and security that comes from designing the homes they’ve always wanted.

Designing a new website for M & J Homes required the Meredith Communications design team to consider the thirty years of combined experience of the M & J team and articulate the benefits of their services through the site’s features.

The new website represents M & J Homes’ commitment to providing the highest level of service through their customized floor plans and attention to detail. The company serves the greater Northwest Indiana area, and their experience has provided them with insight into the needs of local residents.

Designing a website that conveys these and the many other benefits of working with the M & J Homes team is essential to its long-term success in achieving their business and customer service goals.

The new WordPress-based website features the custom Meredith Home Builder CMS plugin. This plugin allows the new site to showcase the home builder’s communities, floor plans, and available homes that were previously unavailable on the old M & J Homes website.

More importantly, the website was designed so that the M & J Homes team could maintain it themselves without the need for a third-party developer to make updates or changes. This minimizes their web development costs and gives them greater flexibility to optimize their website according to their market needs.

An optimized website design helps businesses offer additional value to their current and prospective clients. For today’s home builders, a website is an essential tool for generating new leads for their businesses and converting those leads into clients.

Meredith Communications worked with M & J Homes to determine what business objectives needed to be met.

This provides valuable information that influences all of the design elements including site navigation, user experience, site architecture, and content among many others. It gives home builders the websites they need to achieve consistent and measurable results over time.

The new M & J Home website has a responsive design to accommodate any device. Large and beautiful photographs display the many features that their homes offer alongside a clear and intuitive navigation that increases the time spent on the site’s pages by its visitors.

Users can view the many home designs that are available as well as a photo gallery that allows them to explore these designs room by room. This enhances the site’s user experience and guides prospective clients toward their decision to choose M & J Homes to design and build their new homes.

The website achieves marketing goals related to branding, search engine optimization (SEO), and trust-building. These are all factors that are essential to competing in today’s online marketplace.

Meredith Communications designs effective websites for home design and construction companies. If you want to learn more about how you can improve your existing website so that you generate more clients consistently, contact Meredith Communications to schedule a free consultation.

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