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New Website Profile: C.O.D. Home Services

May 16, 2017

Home building companies need websites that have the features to effectively market and grow their businesses. C.O.D. Home Services has accomplished these and other business goals with their new website designed by Meredith Communications.

Like other home builders that Meredith Communications has helped with their customized website designs, C.O.D. Home Services didn’t have a previous website to improve upon.

Your family is making a significant investment in a custom home or a custom home renovation. Let us prove that you can trust us with that.

But this highly respected company with stellar online reviews realized that a strategically designed website was critical to its continued success online and offline.

Their website needed to deliver their brand’s message to its target audience in order to achieve the engagement and conversion rates that today’s businesses need to compete online.

Designing the new C.O.D. Home Services website began with an understanding of its mission. The company strives to establish long-term customer relationships that are built on honesty, integrity, and exceptional service.

Translating this mission into a fully functional and optimized website sets the foundation for consistent marketing results.

The company is family owned and brings more than two decades of industry experience in construction, renovation, and remodeling.

The website displays that expertise throughout its content and using a navigation structure that helps site visitors access the information they need most.

Pages dedicated to their custom homes, painting services, and home renovations direct the users to the right content.

This maximizes their conversion rates by improving Time on Page and other user engagement metrics. It reduces bounce rates and other factors that can negatively impact search engine rankings.

The homepage includes a video that gives users a glimpse into the features and benefits that they receive when they choose C.O.D. Home Services. It highlights the quality work that earned the company the STARS Award from the North Carolina Home Builders Association.

Meredith Communications designed the new C.O.D. Home Services website with the goal of providing measurable results for the company while growing their business.

Vivid photo galleries and carefully crafted text work together to provide the clarity needed to capture the attention of online users. This moves prospective customers into the sales process and generates qualified leads for the company.

Content that’s relevant and useful lets businesses answer the questions that prospects have while giving them the resources they need to build, renovate, and remodel their homes.

The new website can be easily maintained over time. This gives C.O.D. Home Services the ability to update their content quickly and minimize their web development costs. More importantly, it allows them to optimize their website over time for even better results.

The new C.O.D. Home Services website is a powerful tool in the company’s marketing strategy. It highlights the quality of their services and is designed to meet the needs of online users and search engines.

If your home construction business needs to improve its online marketing results, contact Meredith Communications and schedule a free consultation to find out what your website needs to grow your business.

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